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Thai Association of Washington at Folklife Festival

Every Memorial Day Weekend in the Puget Sound, hippies gather up their sneak-a-tokes, djembes, and Birkenstocks and head for the Seattle Center for Folklife Festival. It is four days of drum circles, vendors, musicians, artists, and other performers all in the heart of Seattle, and it’s pretty much all free. I’ve had lots of fun there in the past, though I’m not sure if we’ll head that way this year or not given that there isn’t much space for my 2-year-old to run around there.

If we do head down there, I’m sure to be checking out the Thai Association of Washington. From the Folklife site:

This year we are excited to welcome the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Thai Association of Washington to the Northwest Folklife Festival.  Visit them on the south side of the Fountain Lawn for a taste of Thailand!

At the Thai Village, there will be cultural demonstrations and authentic Thai cuisine including BBQ Pork, Thai Ice Tea, Crab Delight and an array of foods from Thai Heaven. For more demonstrations, catch the Thai Showcase on Sunday, May 29, from 4:00-6PM in the Center House Theatre for classical music and dance by the Chaopraya Ensemble.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was established in 1960 by the Royal Thai Government to be specifically responsible for tourism promotion. In 1965, TAT opened its first overseas office in New York. Since then, TAT has established 21 offices in different parts of the world including the Los Angeles office.

The Thai Association of Washington are exclusively a non-profit charitable organization.  They hope to be the central point of contact for both Thai-Americans and Americans alike in the State of Washington and also maintain and promote the Thai language, arts and culture within the Washington region.

Asian Americans have made a huge impact here in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s nice to see some representation at a festival like Folklife. I’ve made some acquaintances with the owners of a local Thai food restaurant that we sometimes frequent, and hope to see their small chain represented in some way down there. There is also a Wat about halfway between here and Seattle that I hope to see some sort of representation of as well. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I think that this is a great way to showcase how diverse and inclusive the community can be in the Puget Sound area, as well as how important the Asian American community has been to the culture and development of this area. Maybe I’ll see you down there this weekend.



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