Last Flight of the Crow


Well, that about does it for me.

I started this blog for many reasons, but now I have none to sustain my writing here. I just have run out of things to say, and as I’m still such a beginner as far as Zen is concerned, I find I have nothing left to offer here. I don’t have a sangha or teacher or zendo nearby to inspire posts. I have been infrequent at best with meditation. Intellectual Buddhism will only get one so far, and at times I find myself going too far in that direction. And I have no desire to jump on the latest Buddhist blogger meme to throw my 2 cents in. Once upon a time I certainly did, but as I go back and read those posts I just shake my head and laugh and think how silly most of these situations really were. I just don’t have anything left to offer as far as Buddhist blogging is concerned.

As my life moves in a new direction, so too will my blogging.

I’ve started a new blog, Cascadia Nation. If you’re at all interested in checking it out, I’d advise reading the different “about” pages there. If you choose to follow, great! If it isn’t your cup of tea, no sweat! I’ve loaded up a couple of my previous posts there, but I have a new post up today about the Occupy movement. I’m also still posting photos and dharma tidbits at my tumblr site Dharma Snapshots. I’ll leave the posts here up just because I’ve had it requested.

Thanks for all the comments and discussion here. If you haven’t already, please check out some of the sites I’ve linked to over on the right.







PS: for those of you that might follow me on twitter, I’ve changed my handle there to @AdamInCascadia . I’ve been meaning to make it more personalized for awhile, so there.



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  1. Thanks for leaving the posts here. We really cannot “erase” anything from the Internet. Once something is published, it remains out there for “eternity.” I’ve also thought that deleting past posts just because one shuts down their blog was a bit arrogant. And besides, just because you’re not updating a particular blog any longer doesn’t mean your previous posts suddenly lose relevance. People may find past posts in search results, so I would suggest that you disable commenting soon so you don’t have to worry about someone leaving a random comment after this blog passes out of your immediate awareness.