Buddhist Nun in New York refuses plea deal

Thanks to Arun for bringing this to attention.

Recently Ven. Hong Yuan (Baojing Li), a Buddhist Nun from Atlanta traveled to New York in hope of gathering enough donations to help support her home temple which had burned down. She stood on the street and handed out malas to people as they dropped donations in a tin can. She was arrested and detained without an interpreter, and could face a hefty fine and even jail time for being an unlicensed vendor. This is incredibly ridiculous and prejudice being displayed here is more than obvious. As Li’s lawyer has said “If this was a Catholic nun in a habit giving out rosary beads, I can’t imagine a police officer in the City of New York arresting her.”

Ven. Hong Yuan has refused a plea deal that would have her plead guilty to disorderly conduct and sentence her to 1 day of community service. So it is really up to the District Attorney at this point to realize how unjust this case really is. How can you help?

Well, the DA’s office has a Facebook account which I’m sure would welcome your comments…

And for those of you on Twitter, the DA’s office has an account: @manhattanDA

Hopefully this can be resolved soon and Ven. Hong Yuan can find her way back home to rebuild her temple once her work is complete in New York.




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4 responses to “Buddhist Nun in New York refuses plea deal

  1. NYC is filled with a lot of different people. I doubt this is an issue of prejudice. Sorry, but your religion (and any other religion/organization) doesn’t deserve special treatment.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have no idea what NY being filled with a lot of different people has to do with anything. Are you saying that anyone taking donations without a vendor permit should be arrested on the street? And that if English isn’t their first language, an interpreter shouldn’t be provided for them?

    • So we can arrest Christian Ministers, collecting money at intersections? This is not special treatment. This looks like blatant prejudice. Someone should be suspended.

  2. Gurudas

    I’m going to have to agree with big boned girl here. When I am runnign my cult, spongebathing Buddhist bloggers, I do so in a way that is not in violation of the law. NO HAPPY ENDINGS IN MY CULT!