Another Hsu Yun poem…



Found this poem, thought I would share

The water and my mind have both settled down
Into perfect stillness.
Sun and moon shine bright in it.
At night I see in the surface
The enormous face of my old familiar moon.
I don’t think you’ve ever met the source of this reflection.
All shrillness fades into the sound of silence.
But now and then a puff of mist floats across the mirror.
It confuses me a little
But not enough to make me forget to forget my cares.


~Hsu Yun



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2 responses to “Another Hsu Yun poem…

  1. Thank you for posting this. I seem to be bumping into more and more transcendent musings as poke around the Buddhist interblogs. May all beings realize perfect understanding.

  2. Very nice. Thank you.