Dots, Portmanteau and taking requests


Just a quick hodge-podge today.

First, there is only 1 week left to get in your nominations for the Blogisattva awards! The awards were created “To recognize and honor excellence within the Buddho-blogosphere” awhile back by Tom Armstrong, and have since been brought back to life by Nate DeMontigny and Kyle Lovett. These awards have nothing to do with who is the best Buddhist, most dedicated practitioner, or anything like that. They were created as a fun way to foster a bit of community in the blogosphere and recognize excellence in blogging. There are many categories in which you could nominate someone you think deserves to be recognized like “Best Achievement in Skilled Writing” or “Best ‘Life’ Blog” or “Best Achievement in Kind and Compassionate Blogging”.

I’m not posting this just so someone will nominate me (seriously, there are better blogs out there than this one!), but so that when the time comes to decide the winners, there will be a diverse group of blogs/bloggers that will have been nominated. So if you know of a really excellent blog out there, go nominate it! Another really great thing about the site is the meta-list of Buddhist blogs, websites, and other things dharma/interweb related. Currently there are over 400 sites listed there. So if you have a Buddhist flavored blog and aren’t already on the list, make sure to include your site there on the directory. You can find the Blogisattva site here. (you can also click on the picture over on the right hand side there…).

Not sure who to nominate? Don’t read that many blogs, or are looking for some good new ones to read? Have no fear, Anoki Casey is here with Dharma Dots. Anoki is the man/myth/legend behind Buddha Badges, Altar Bot, and more interweb projects than there are Ganges sands. Dharma Dots is a blog aggregator with what I consider some of the best Dharma-flavored blogs out there. And many thanks to Anoki for adding this corvid to the Dot matrix.

And finally, I would like to ask all 7 of my readers if they have any suggestions or requests on blog topics. I’m really open to anything, but would like to focus on topics that might help to foster discussion. So feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions.




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4 responses to “Dots, Portmanteau and taking requests

  1. Oh, thanks for the plug and reminder. Man, got like 250-300 entries to sort and get to the judges. LOL

  2. I really like your “I’m a daddy” themed posts. And yes, I think you are one of the best bloggers I read simply because you are authentic and… well.. you just am who you am. 😀

  3. Yes, I agree — the Dharma of being a Dad. This is your life!