Life has had me very busy these past few weeks. We had been planning on having a c-section scheduled for our daughter that is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. Turns out that is no longer necessary, which is a huge relief. But that still means that lots of preparations have to be made, and a lot of my deadlines have been moved up at work. I have a few posts in the works, but my internet use has been fairly sporadic.

Speaking of internet use, I’ve created a little tumblr account. Photography is something I’ve always been mildly interested in but never really pursued. Lately I’ve had the bug to take more photos and focus on it a bit more. To showcase some of those photos (as well as force me to take some so I’ll have something to post) I created Dharma Snapshots. Nothing fancy. Just some photos that I’ve taken and liked, as well as some teeny tiny dharma tidbits I find and enjoy. Feel free to look around there. I’ve added a link up at the top of this blog that will take you directly there.




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5 responses to “Life!

  1. Oooh exciting to have the bambina on her way! License to step away from teh blogging – granted – with exception of making sure we all get informed so we can ooh and ahh.

    Okay, tumblr. Would someone care to explain this to me? I am having a hard time keeping up.

    • Oh, I’ll definitely post some pictures!

      tumblr is a mini-blogging platform. less long winded, in-depth posts. more like snippets, photos, and a place to share stuff you enjoy.

  2. Ooooo I thought these pics were familiar! Dharma Snapshots is YOU! Waaay Kooolll… I am following you… bwahahahaaa! No wait… you followed me first!