I’m a big teary-eyed moose


As many of my readers know, my wife is pregnant. In about a month, we’ll be welcoming our daughter into the world. And I can’t stop crying.

There is a term for this, couvade syndrome, it’s when a man who lives with a pregnant woman suffers from some of the same physical and emotional symptoms that his partner does. With my wife’s first pregnancy, it was food cravings. I gained about 15 lbs during my son’s gestation. But this time around, I’m just a big teary-eyed moose.

I can’t help it. Anything remotely emotional makes me well up. I get all sappy and the waterworks start flowing at least half a dozen times a day. We watched the movie “The Unborn” (terrible, terrible scary movie) the other night, and I started to cry because I thought about how the demon boy wouldn’t be able to play with other little kids his age, on account of being possessed by a demon and all. Today it was leaving for work, and having to say goodbye to my son. I started to cry a bit in the car.

It is really silly, and I can’t control it. I wish it would have been the food thing again.

It’s happening right now, for no good goddamned reason.

I’d like to say this has given me some profound insight into something. But it hasn’t. It’s mostly just made me cry a lot for no good reason. I suppose it could be worse. Some men gain up to 30 lbs, experience vomiting, and sometimes breast augmentation or hardening of the nipples.

Those poor men. Makes me wanna cry.







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14 responses to “I’m a big teary-eyed moose

  1. Alexandra

    I’m sending you a big hug via internet!

  2. Metta to you my friend. Unlike you I tear up many times a day. Mostly tears of joy. My family and I used to watch Extreme makeover home edition and I would cry so much my kids would bring me tissues. Rejoice in knowing your tears will soon stop. Remembering back to my children being born and the joy it brought me brings tears as I type this. My love and much metta to you and yours and congratulations.

  3. Way to go for admitting this! My wife is pregnant too (for the 2nd time) and I seem to be gaining weight again, but I think its just the stress, its a complicated pregnancy.

  4. Even without couvade, being a papa softens us up.

  5. i think its good you have strong big emotions… i can only imagine that when that little girl comes along you will have big strong emotions of love for her too. And that she will feel like the most precious princess on this planet. Yay for Dads that know how to feel and know how to cry.

    Kudos and metta to you, man.

    • A very good reminder. I think being a Father to a boy is easier in some respects, and this will be a bit of a challenge raising a daughter.

  6. And your wife/children are lucky to have a husband/father that can cry, and admit it.

    Heck, my son is 6 and I’m still a big girl about a lot of stuff 😉
    (should have seen me watching Toy Story 3!)

    great post my friend.

  7. “Mirror-Neuronitis”

    Perhaps that is a better modern term for it. If only it were a more common malady.