The path of least resistance

Scott River, CA

It’s always about what’s easy. Simple.

The path of least resistance allows us to glide, duck, and doge our way through life.

Never touching those things that are most important.

It’s easy talking to a stranger online. It’s easy to rip apart their beliefs or way of thinking.

It’s more difficult to touch deeply the ones we love.

Being cruel, distant, shut off. These things are easy.

They require no thought, no attention.

They are easy because the path leads outward toward others, but never inward towards ourselves.

Inside is the resistance. Obstacles.

Roadblocks waiting to be tore up.

Tear them up! Be brave! Breathe deeply! A voice calls out.

But it calls to us from the resistance, the loud static noise of our inner-selves. It’s noisy there.

Go have a cookie. A beer. Go watch TV. Forget about your worries. Rebuke him! Another voice calls out.

That voice is clear. It has a smell. A taste. Pleasure over pain.

Satisfying results. The voice is appeased.

The path of least resistance.



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6 responses to “The path of least resistance

  1. Andy

    yup. That’s why Practice is HARD.

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  3. hey this is gorgeous writing. Seriously. Beautiful image and lovely words – a pleasure to read. I like that you have spoken a difficult truth as well. Thankyou so much for posting this meditative piece.

  4. Not of the Buddhist faith myself, but this is still a great post. Beautifuly written and eloquent. Great truth for people from all walks of life. I applaud you for taking on this truth and not masking the underlying truth that easy isn’t always best or meaningful.

    • Even though I’m not of the “all religions are one” crowd, I do tend to think there are a few universal truths to be found in most of them. And I also feel that there are teachings specific to each religion that are worth learning from.

      Working on a post now about growing up in the church. I think you’ll enjoy.