Thank you for checking out my new blog, Fly Like a Crow.

First, what’s up with the name?

Check out the ‘About’ page at the top for more info on that. And take a moment to explore the other pages as well. They’re short and sweet, I promise.

So what is this blog about?

Beyond what you read on the about page, it will be a place to write and blog on a myriad of topics. Primarily, I’ll be focusing on Buddhism, and my family/being a father. I actually see these two things as being parallel lines on the same track of “me”. They are both an evolving practice where I work towards perfection. Every day brings a new challenge, struggle, and usually some success.

I might just try my hand at some more poetry here. It’s something I’ve only dabbled in before, and has been a long time since I’ve really written any.

I’m going to toss in some politics from time to time. Nothing hateful, no right vs. left narratives. There are plenty of those to go around.

I’ll continue to review books here, whether they get sent to me by authors or publishers, or ones that I just happen to purchase myself.

And there’s a slight possibility that I might get philosophical from time to time. I also might throw in some sutra study that I’ve been working on.

And sometimes, I’ll just throw up a picture or two. I’m also going to try to include a picture with more of my posts in general, and I’m going to try to only use ones that I’ve taken.

Whatever happens, it will flow naturally. Like my previous blogging endeavours, I have no ambitions to blog daily. Once, twice a week is about all I can muster given work and family responsibilities (and enjoying time with my family).

So, take a look around. You’ll notice all of my old posts from the past, minus a few I wasn’t proud of at all. Feel free to subscribe via RSS or email (head to the footer) and feel free to add this blog to your blog roll if you feel so inclined. Thank you for stopping by.




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4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. nathan

    I get the desire to shift away from the Home Brewing Buddhist identity. It was kind of fun, but probably isn’t something anyone could maintain for a long time. Look forward to the new posts here.

  2. Good luck with your new blog, Adam. I will add it to my blogroll sometime today. I like the look, the white space and the graphic you’re using for a banner.

    I noticed on one of your pages you say, “I am currently without a school/lineage, and prefer to simply call myself a Buddhist.” At the risk of telling you something you probably already know, i want to say that that is just fine. There is no reason why anyone needs to be anything other that simply a Buddhist, and neither should anyone feel compelled to belong to any particular school or sect.

    I do hope that you will not rely entirely on the internet for access to teachers and other practitioners. The internet is a great resource and a nice supplementary tool, but it is a poor substitute for personal encounters, which I feel is very important for dharma practice. I will have a post about this subject in the next day or so. Hope you don’t mind me sharing my two cents with you here.

    • Thank you David. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that either, I suppose I threw that in there simply so people knew where I was coming from.

      I would really like to practice with others, but as I said, my rural location (the closest center is about an hour away if there is zero traffic) makes it quite difficult to do that. I also need to spend time at home with my family right now, as my wife is pregnant and my son has more energy than a supernova.

      However, in the future I am definitely going to seek out a “real life” teacher/sangha. I understand how valuable that is, and have no ambitions to “go rouge” and just do my own thing my whole life. For now, I’m forming a daily practice where I study, chant, stretch, and meditate daily. I plan on moving in the next few years, and hopefully when that happens we’ll be closer to a center where I can make the real life connection happen.

      Looking forward to the post.