4 responses to “Goodbye Facebook, Hello Credit Union, and other such ramblings

  1. It took me about six months to go vegetarian back in college. I’m still reworking my diet – it’s a lifelong thing I think.

    I’m still on Facebook, but honestly I don’t spend much time there. It’s a networking option for me, as well as a connection to friends, sangha, the writing community, etc. I’m not so keen on the changes they’ve been making, nor the marketing games, but I also took down enough information about myself that I feel what’s left is fine.

  2. Great points in this post. I have been mulling over deleting my Facebook account as well. Doing that may open up more time to read great blogs such as this instead of playing poker and farmville. haha

    Great point about the credit union as well. I am a member but don’t use it as my main banking, I just may have to reconsider.

  3. Can’t help feeling, also, that I’m helping Facebook make a lot of money without any profit to myself…

    • Yes! Exactly! I couldn’t find many compelling reasons to keep the account, I suppose I asn’t “profitting” from it in any sense.