The Laundry Monster strikes again…

(This is one of a few posts I’m importing from another blog I recently closed down)


It’s there on the couch. Staring at me. Growing by the day. I shove it over to one side of the couch so that I can watch something on Netflix. But it’s still there. It’s not going anywhere on it’s own. I’d like it to. I’d like that pile of laundry to grow laundry arms, and laundry legs, and go fold itself and put itself away where it belongs. It’s not budging.

I could take care of it today. It’s not too big of a pile right now. Look, a couple of towels. Fold those and the pile gets quite small. Eh. I just got a new Xbox game and I need to play it.

Thursday. The laundry monster has been feasting.

I have to stack the clothes on top of each other in order to clear off the couch. Even then, it’s a tight squeeze for my wife and I to fit on the couch. So much laundry. Plenty of time to take care of it, but if we don’t watch this Netflix movie today, we won’t get a new movie in the mail on Saturday, and then what will we do?


Can’t find a pair of matching socks. Grey and tan it is. I don’t have time to fight the laundry monster. I’m already late for work. Such a huge pile. I should have folded this shit earlier.


Corbin is taking a nap. Time to kill the beast. With my wife and I tackling the monster, we make short work of it. Towels.

             Dish rags.

                              Lonely socks.

                                                     Clothes hung in the closet.

A sense of accomplishment, followed by a sense of shame. Should’ve. Should’ve folded it Monday. Should’ve folded it Thursday. Could’ve taken care of it right then and there. Now I’ll have to iron just about all my clothes this week. Could’ve spent that half hour on Saturday doing something more constructive with my wife. Should’ve spent that half hour on Saturday doing something more constructive with my wife. Instead I allowed it to pile up. I fed the monster.

This week, I shall starve the monster.


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  1. The laundry monster got the stuff out of the dryer, onto the table, folded it, and then promptly left it on my bed in haphazard piles. I have to vanquish it before I can use the bed.