Thoughts on blogging

I had this nice little post ready about peace. After I read it, the words were hollow. So I deleted it. This blog is hollow. Writing makes sense. Blogging doesn’t make any sense anymore. Am I writing, or addressing? The purpose of this blog was to get me to write more often. It was supposed to be the vehicle that helped me to master my craft. But almost a year later and the writing has not improved. I would even wager to say that my writing has gotten worse over the years.

Yet, I kind of enjoy the engagement of blogging. But I’m wondering what purpose it now serves. Maybe I need a change in approach. A change in subject matter. Maybe it’s just a matter of connecting my inner voice to my fingertips. I usually find that what ends up on this page isn’t what I really intended. And I’m not really sure what the root cause of that is, nor what the solution is.

I’m kind of in a similar place with my practice. I’m not sure if Nichiren is the right vehicle for me. I haven’t been chanting much at all lately. Some of that is due to pure laziness. But part of me is dissatisfied with SGI and Nichiren Buddhism in general. Not a hate or dislike, there is just something that really doesn’t speak to me. For me it’s hard to find a connection there.

Oh, and we’re having another baby. So yeah, that’s kind of been on my mind lately.




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13 responses to “Thoughts on blogging

  1. zenfant

    adam, i’ve been a spiritual vagabond for a very long time. something i’ve found is that when you’ve been on a spirtual path for a while, it eventually gives you what you needed…what called you to it in the first place…once that space is filled up, it very well might not resonate with you anymore. That’s impermanence, and it’s natural. Sounds like you are organically ready for a change, so go with it.

    could be a different path of Buddhism, could be walking around with a monkey on your head…or maybe it’s just a resting time. whatever the case, sounds like you are in the gap of the enso like i have been recently.

  2. make it a smaller practice…and of course, don’t forget about death

  3. buddhasbrewing

    blogging is silly for Buddhist, really. Buddhism isn’t a “missionary religion.” We aren’t looking for converts. So what’s the point? Your thoughts can be written on any scrap of paper or not written at all. Up to you really.

    Sounds like other things have been occuyping you if you’re having another child. Good luck on that. One was our limit. I applaud anyone who can handle more.



  4. Hey Adam, nice to read about the second babe. All the best with the growing famgha. 🙂

    I spent 4 years with a community I loved and which really nourished my practice. It took another 2 years to see that our paths had diverged as people and to finally let go. It was tough but necessary. I spent the following years just listening to what I needed and doing only that (besides the usual of work and family). It seems to have worked out in retrospect. Or maybe I’m just kidding myself, eh? Who knows. It really doesn’t matter because those who love me, love me regardless.

    Still, it’s inevitable and crucial to go through the doubt.

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure how to approach this yet, other than to explore a little of what else is out there. I have some books heading my way, as well as some offers from Local (ish) people to sit with them, or visit their temple.


  5. Congratulations dude! I’d think about blogging about breast feeding if I were you. I’d definitely read that everyday. And your writing is great, you want shitty writing check out mine. hehe

    The path is a twisty one my friend, keep on truckin.

  6. nathan

    Congrats on the coming kid Adam. Hang with whatever it is that you’re experiencing right now. The way forward will show up at some point.

    • Thanks!

      Yes, I think something will emerge on it’s own soon enough. Maybe I need to stop scrutinizing everything and just let something happen.

  7. Congrats on the upcoming baby! That’s awesome news.

    I’ve made several “career switches” throughout my Buddhist path and can’t yet say if I’ve found the right group for my practice.

    It’s all worth exploring. For me that’s what my practice is all about. Who knows where it will take me. Who knows where it will take you.

    **cue spooky music**