My punishment became my path?

Reminiscing the other day, I remembered that one of my Father’s punishments for me was to ground me. Basically, the idea was that I when I came home from school, I couldn’t watch TV, play outside, talk on the phone or do anything other than chores, homework, eat dinner, and stay in my room. Sweeping the dust and pushing the dirt for punishment? WTF?

Upon remembering this, a few things came to mind.

1) Our society has gotten to the point where unplugging one’s self from the stresses, distractions and attachments of the world is punishment. The reward is a life full of suffering, delusion, and distraction from the true nature of reality. How can we expect to advance as a society when this is the way we encourage each other to live?

2) What would I be like today, if being alone with my thoughts (cultivating mindfulness), and playing outside, adoring nature were my rewards, and plugging into the TV and video games had been my punishment?

3) How truly attached to my “things” I was to get so upset over not being able to use them for a couple of hours! This life of attachment and distance from one’s self is addicting, more powerful than any drug that grows in the ground or is made in a lab.

Okay, enough of that. Time to go play Call of Duty.




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5 responses to “My punishment became my path?

  1. You know, very odd how we dislike bordom so much, yet in our practice its one of the first hurdles we have to overcome. I can still get bored easy and I try to use that as a practice, but its difficult sometimes. I find my mind searches out those pleasure buttons and when it doesnt get its way, it gives me hell.

    COol post!

  2. It dawned on me that “grounded” has at least two distinct meanings, and I’ve just found (forced actually) a connection between them. When you were grounded, you became grounded. If you plan on using that, you’re going to have to pay me.

  3. This is so true! The profundity of it tickles my brain. Isn’t it strange how we tend to do the exact opposite of what is actually good for us? Now if I could only remember that in the moment rather than after the fact….