A life of impermanence/embarassment

Today is my birthday. I am 27 years old. I don’t need to meditate on a dying corpse to see the truth of impermanence. I can see it in my own life, in my constant death and rebirth. I am lucky to have lived 27 years and I am thankful for each day.
For the past 10 years or so, I’ve had a series of (mostly)extremely uneventful birthdays. I’m usually broke (as our my friends/family) and have managed to move residences a bunch of times right around my birthday. Who moves in January? So my birthdays have become less of a day of celebration, and more of a day of nostalgia. A day for me to look back to the past, remembering some of the good times over the years (of which I have had plenty).
For fun, I figured I would show you all a little history of the “me”s that have come and gone over these 27 years. They have all since died, but a part of them continues on always. So have fun sharing in my nostalgia/embarassment!

Just a couple of weeks ago when it snowed here.

A week or so after my son was born.

A week or so after my son was born.

My wife and I before the baby. I kind of hate myself here. He looks all rested and full of energy. Jerk.

Enter the Gut (and yes, I was hammerd here)

My best Bill Brasky impersonation after a dozen or so drinks. No, I don't remember college.

oh to be 18 again. I'm sure my father's hairline wishes he was 18 again too.

I was about 16 here. On a tractor, clearing our 4 acres to make a go-kart track.

Puberty was a cruel bitch.

Oh the Nostalgia! I'm the one on the right.

No comment.

I've been a little bit metal my whole life.

Hope you enjoyed. Cheers. 



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6 responses to “A life of impermanence/embarassment

  1. buddhasbrewing

    Happy Birthday Adam. Birthdays are always a lesson in impermanence. Of course so is every other day.

    Relax! Have a homebrew. Then sit zazen.



  2. nathan

    Fun pics. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Adam! I love the life review!