My blog in search: a lesson in expectations

When I made the switch to WordPress, one of the features that I found to be really useful was “stats”. It will show you how many visits your blog has per day/week/month, incoming links, what links visitors clicked on once they were at your blog, and so on. One of the stats that WordPress tracks that I have found particularly humourous and intriguing is the terms that people used in search to find your blog. I would expect that 95% of my readers are either Buddhist or exploring Buddhism, and the rest just enjoy what I have to say or want my homebrew recipes. Turns out this isn’t the case. Apparently a lot of people find my blog while searching for topics related to facial hair.

I thought I would share with you some of the terms people were searching for and ended up coming to my blog. The number next to the term is the number of times that specific item was used in search, and then people clicked on my blog.

gohonzon 13
dharma brewing 4
fifth precept 3
prison riot in america 2
guys with theirs unibrows shaved off (hu?) 2
zen butsudan 2
ango shave head 2
treeleaf zendo 2
butsudan gohonzon 2
punishment by lashing 2
kiss sonic boom 2
ugly sideburns (i didn’t think they were that bad) 2
sing sing prison riots 2
foto´s van gohonzon op internet 2
pro life protester 2
mullet 2
zen home butsudan 1
the fifth precept of b 1
gohonzon butsudan 1
eco goths (?) 1
link: 1
“mr london street” bloggers cafe 1
super troopers smoke the whole bag 1
coltin 1948 1
cheese cloth pumpkin brew 1
brewing blog buddhist 1
cheesecloth in fermenter 1
super troopers mustaches 1
is eating glass dangerous (i didn’t make that up. someone actually searched to see if eating glass was dangerous, and then read my blog. I assume their next search was “nearest hospital”) 1
how to get gohonzon at home 1
dharma – finding comfort 1
butsudan 1
attachment dharma 1
dharma beer homebrew 1
where to put a gohonzon in the home 1
butsudan per gohonzon 1
“brandon boyd” 1
human response for death 1
bad buddha brewing 1
planet climatic changes 1
brazil prison riot 1
mullets motorcycles moustaches 1
im the cat that shits outside the box (that’s my personal favorite) 1
mustaches for prospect cancer 1
home brewing disasters 1
what physical changes must occur to make 1
my gohonzon 1
bald head and moustaches 1
human perspective 1
zen, gohonzon 1


Hope you enjoyed. Cheers.



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7 responses to “My blog in search: a lesson in expectations

  1. Sneaky SOB! I had this post lined up to go for my 1 year anniverary of blogging but you beat me to it!

    Actually I get those filthy mustache search querries too. I will list mine after the holidays and link to your post so that they can be compared in all their ridiculous glory.

    I wish kyle stayed on wordpress. Can you imagine what his would look like?!



  2. Haha sounds good. I shudder to think what Kyle’s would have looked like. I just got another one today “three lines in side of head mullet.” Weird.


  3. Hi, Adam. Totally concur with your favorite. Fun stuff!

  4. dude, you have no idea, i get people searching for things like buddha porn and ‘was buddha white?’

  5. nathan

    absolutely wacky stuff!! love it…

  6. Google Analytics gives ya the same thing for us blogspot dudes.