Eating Glass

I stayed home from work Thursday and Friday. I’ve felt like crap. Actually, I’ve felt like I ate glass, and it’s refusing to make its way through my digestive system. These pains come and go, but are most intense when I stand. Seems like an odd thing to share with the world, and most unusual for me to post as well. But it’s how I’ve been dealing with it that I’d like to share.

Sometimes, it gets the best of me, and I wince. I cry out or grunt a little. But what I’ve been focusing on doing is when the pain comes, to just let it be pain, and then pass. I’ve been mildly successful in doing this, but when I am able to let the pain just be pain, I’ve found that I can continue on with what I was working on, and then not dwell on it.

For me, this is an important step in my new Buddhist “process”. I’m able to notice when I form attachments, and I’m able to attempt to let phenomenon just happen in the moment. I’m becoming more mindful of myself and my enviroment.

That’s all. Sometimes, I just post to hear myself type. Cheers.


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  1. and I love hearing myself leaving comments 🙂

    Thanks for this post. I don’t really deal with feeling pain very well so whenever my creaky old self acts up, I find that I’m not often cognizant enough to be present and work through what feelings, thoughts and emotions I’m going along with during my moments of pain.