Chant it out Loud!!!

As promised, here’s a picture of our Gohonzon, enshrined in the Butsudan that me and my bro in law made.

So, how’s the chanting going so far? Weird. Jarring. Calming. Awkward. Uplifting. I’m having a hard time making it a regular habit. My 9 1/2 month old son likes to wake up 5 times a night, so getting up an extra 20 minutes early for Gongyo is quite the chore at the moment. I’m stumbling over the Japanese, though I’m not doing nearly as bad as I thought I would.

But this is all a good thing. It’s forcing me to experience something new, something profound. It’s breaking me out of my shell of comfort that I’ve spent the better part of 26 years building up around me. Because that shell of comfort is an illusion. It’s an attachment-based reality that is filled with unreasonable expectations of myself and the world around me. I need to stop having these expectations, and just let shit ride. I need to stop finding comfort in the what-ifs and maybe-some-days and find comfort in what I have here in the now (which is a home, a stable job, and the best family a man could ever ask for and probably doesn’t deserve – I don’t have it that bad).

Chanting, practicing, meditating, pondering; it’s all forcing me into a new and more fluid version of myself. I’m thinking outside the box, I’m acting outside the box, I’m being outside the box. Now if I can just get myself out of bed to do it every morning……..

Also, I just found out that KISS has a new album out: “Sonic Boom”. (hence the title of this post)Cheers.


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